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Incorporating your child’s artwork in your interior decoration

Every parent knows the joys of receiving drawings and paintings painstakingly done by their children, sometimes several a week. The children feel happy when their work is appreciated by being displayed. However, displaying such paintings to balance with the rest of the décor can be challenging.

Below are some ideas on displaying children’s artwork.

Choose the pieces to be displayed

As much as every drawing or painting is precious to the both your child and you, you cannot display all of them. You have to agree with the child on the pieces to display. Some of the artworks will have sentimental to your child, others to you. However, could compromise and go with a piece that is sentimental to both of you.

If you just cannot choose which one(s) to go with Shoes, you can scan them all, shrink them, place them in neat rows, and have them printed on an A2 paper or larger and frame.

You can also scan and save them for use as screensavers on your computer or phone.

You can select the best 12, scan them and have a printer make a calendar for you. This would also make the perfect gift for your child’s grandparents and godparents.


Depending on the type of artwork, there are different places where they can be displayed. If the artwork is a portrait of the family members, it will look good on the living room wall or photo display cabinets.

If the painting is of mummy preparing food Novelty, it would be better placed in the kitchen Jackets. If your child drew or painted mommy and daddy, the painting will be of sentimental value to you so you can put it in your bedroom Swimming.


Invest in a ready-made frame or make one with your child for displaying their artwork. Ensure that the frame is easy to use as your child might be a prolific artist, which means you might have to change the paintings and drawings frequently Shapewear.

Display period

Consult your child and decide together how long the artwork will be displayed before it is replaced.

It is a good idea to keep the artwork as mementos that you will enjoy with your child when they are all grown up.

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